How to use Video SEO to Support Your Linking Strategy

July 19, 2016 by Ashley Poag

When we breakdown Google’s ranking algorithm we find that three components of SEO carry the majority of the weight. Quality and quantity of links pointing to your site (20.9%), quality and quantity of links contained on your site (19.5%) and keyword content and quality contained on your site (14.94%) help determine where you land in the search results. This suggest that your linking strategy is extremely important if you want to move up in the SERPs.

When we look at the importance of video in your SEO plan we see that Google SERPs prioritized optimized video. Pages that contain video content are about 50 times more likely to appear on page one. This is according to a Forrester study conducted in 2009.

The unique thing about video is it visually answers the questions presented to the search engines. To leverage the power of video in your backlinking strategy you can create different types of video around your product or service that serve the three major components of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Let’s view an example using one product: Let’s say your company sells planter boxes to people living in urban dwellings. Your planter boxes allow them to start container gardens without needing land to plant their flowers, fruits and vegetables. Here are three videos you can create to support your linking strategy.

Review Videos: This would be a great opportunity to utilize user generated content. Have some of your loyal customers create videos reviewing your product and post them on their Youtube channels. Once they post and link back to your site you now have quality inbound links.

How To Videos: Create videos showing your prospective gardeners how the planters should be used.This should be posted on your website with links going out to related tools and information that they may find useful. A newcomer to gardening may need gloves and watering cans as well as a planting season guide. You may want to encourage them to plant a certain vegetable because of it’s health benefits. To support that you can link to a scholarly article that is credible and contains research.

Value Proposition Videos: A video explaining why your planters are the best on the market is a great opportunity to use high-quality keywords in the video description area on YouTube.

Tip: Viral videos are typically funny and highly shareable. Can you find humor in your product or service? Make a video about it! Videos with high number of views and shares rank even better.

We hope this gets you going with your video SEO strategy. Tweet us your videos that have been successful in creating organic search traffic for your site!

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