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15 Web Design Statistics You Should Know

February 16, 2017 by Ashley Poag

Industry knowledge is increasingly important to manage an effective website. It's not enough to simply have a website. It’s also not enough to have a website with a well designed template or a website that simply has great content. There are a lot of moving parts. Now great web design includes a system of elements that all work in tandem to create the right UX. Personalization, automated marketing, retention marketing, responsive design and mobile design and Ecommerce actions all have to be taken into account.

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10 Principals of Mobile App Design

November 17, 2016 by Ashley Poag

Mobile app design has become increasingly intricate due to marketing, personalization and demand. Google lets us know that there are four main motivations when a user interacts with your mobile application. Users typically fall into one or more of the following categories; “I want to go”, “I want to know”, “I want to do”, and “I want to buy”.

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Get Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Holidays

December 10, 2014 by Allison Carter

When the holidays hit, your eCommerce site needs to be perfect to make sure you are maximizing your opportunity.  Here are our tips on getting your eCommerce ready for the holidays.

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Web Design Trends We're Seeing in 2014

April 27, 2014 by Allison Carter

In 2013 Content was King.  But now that we're almost halfway through 2014, what are the trends in web design that matter today?

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Top 5 Questions to Ask A Web Design Firm

April 16, 2014 by Allison Carter

Picking your web designer is not something to take lightly, it is a serious relationship!  Here are the top 5 questions you should ask before deciding who to work with.

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Responsive Web Design: An Infographic

January 30, 2014 by Matt Kustka

An infographic about what responsive web design is and why it matters. See the statistics and understand this important topic in one convenient place.

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What is the cost of Responsive Web Design?

January 13, 2014 by Allison Carter

We get asked "what is the cost of responsive web design?" a lot.  So what's the number? It depends on your answers to some very important questions.

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30 Minute Logo for Only Ten Bucks!

December 09, 2011 by Matt Kustka

I recently came across an advertisement for a custom logo delivered to you in 30 minutes for only ten bucks. Wow! If I was ordering a pizza that would be great! How could you expect someone to design a memorable, professional logo in only 30 minutes? I would say, "You get what you pay for". There are now many logo design companies on the internet offering the same thing - quick, cheap logos.

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