Email Marketing

Nurture leads and keep in touch with existing clients

Get New Clients, Maintain Relationships

WorldCast CMS comes with easy-to-use e-mail marketing tools

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways how to expand your customer base, nurture leads and keep in touch with existing clients. With Kentico, you can quickly set up an email campaign or regular newsletter, manage subscribers and send personalized mass e-mail.

Easily Author and Distribute Email Campaigns and Newsletters

Editing a newsletter issue

With Kentico CMS, you can easily enter the text into email templates predefined by your graphic designer. It means you can focus on content rather than design. You can send emails either to newsletter subscribers or you can create a new email campaign, import subscribers and send mass emails.

Send Dynamic Newsletters with Website Content

Dynamic newsletter based on a web page

Dynamic newsletters are sent regularly at a specified time interval. Their emails contain text and images from a specified web page, which is usually updated between the mailout of issues. This source page can be managed by Kentico CMS or any other external page may be used. A typical usage is sending a monthly newsletter with a list of articles recently published on your website.

Email Personalization

Personalized email content

Emails may contain special expressions, that are resolved (merged) into values matching the respective recipient when the email issue is sent out.

Automatic Email Notifications

Unsubscription confirmation e-mail

You may configure the system to automatically send confirmation emails to subscribers when they subscribe or unsubscribe. The content of these notifications can be fully customized.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

Out-of-the-box newsletter subscription form

You can easily integrate subscription forms and automatic unsubscription functionality by placing the appropriate web parts on your website. The system will automatically manage the mailing list for you as necessary. No coding required.

Sending A Large Number of Emails

Newsletter emails waiting in the queue

Dispatching newsletters to very large amounts of subscribers is not an issue. You can send newsletters through the built-in Email Queue before they are passed on to the mail server. This ensures that any number of emails is processed and delivered correctly. Any emails undelivered due to errors in delivery or on your SMTP server are automatically sent out again later.

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