Be More Productive with KENTICO CMS!

Get More Done with Less Code

Website development model

Kentico CMS provides a unique development model that makes developers more productive without reducing flexibility:

  • quickly create new sites using browser-based interface or Visual Studio

  • reuse 330+ built-in web parts

  • choose from dozens of modules instead of starting from scratch

Unlimited Flexibility and Extensibility

CMS for developers

Kentico CMS is a highly configurable platform that can be easily modified and extended so that it fits your client needs. You can develop your own extensions using

Visual Studio:

  • data providers

  • event handlers

  • webparts

  • controls

  • form controls

  • editor plug-ins

  • search providers

  • payment gateways

  • membership providers

  • connectors to CRM, ERP and other systems

... and if you need to customize the CMS core engine, you can also obtain the full source code.

Full Integration with Visual Studio

Screen of Visual Studios

Kentico CMS is a standard ASP.NET project, so you can open it and extend it using Visual Studio. It comes with:

  • intellisense support

  • toolbox integration

  • file templates

  • code snippets

You can also start the website in the debugging mode and inspect your code.

Clean ASP.NET Architecture


Kentico CMS is built as a three-tier application following best practices for scalable, maintainable and secure code. It's a fully managed application written in C# and it can run in medium trust environment.

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