Overview of WorldCast Me

January 06, 2012 by Drew Robison

In this post, I will present a 60,000 foot view of BP Studios' flagship development product: WorldCast Me.

First of all, what is WorldCast Me? WorldCast Me (Membership Edition) is your one-stop shop for managing every aspect of member-based organizations: from managing members, tracking event attendance, submitting invoices for payment, collection of receipts and detailed reporting that provides you membership, financial, accounting and event attendance metrics at your fingertips. The front-end portal allows members to sign up online. You have every control over the content of the emails that are generated at key points along the workflow lifecycle. Designated users have complete control over content and can flip over from their public website to the backend dashboard with a single sign on.


This is the heart of your membership-based system, and WorldCast Me recognizes this and provides you the ability to quickly find member companies, view a quick snapshot of essential information and take action based on actuality. For example, your keen acuity has recognized that Acme Paint Company defaulted on their last three invoices. So, why are their coupons listed on your site? Why are their job postings still active? And why are they part of your membership directory? In one fell swoop, you can deactivate this delinquent organization, and all three automatically disappear.

What if you are the more forgiving kind of company? What if you want to continue to display their details in your online membership directory, but still prevent their coupons or jobs (there are limits, after all, to generosity). No problem! WorldCast Me allows you to specify business rules that pertain to your own organization - you get to specify which actions to take both when a member becomes active or is deactivated.

Member companies contain member employees, which are full-fledged users of your online system. WorldCast Me support member logins so that future activity (e.g. event attendance or e-commerce activity) can be tracked.


This key component of WorldCast Me allows you to manage your events. It provides complete control over event capacity, registration period and manage your attendance. Event registrations can be individual or group, free or paid and a plethora of other management features, including separate emails that alert event co-ordinators or billing contacts when an attendee signs up or pays for the event. Once attendees register, you can manage their registrations in the administration interface, export an Excel listing or send them a mass e-mail with event updates.

In future posts, I'll cover additional goodies that are part of WorldCast Me. Stay tuned.

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