The 9 Benefits of a Customer Experience Management System (CEM)

February 19, 2014 by Allison Carter

As we've shared, you should consider investing in a good Content Management System ("CMS").  In today's environment your content needs to work hard for your business (remember: Content is King).  With a solid content marketing plan you can boost your SEO and increase your traffic.

You will want to look for a good CMS that is flexible, useful, and intuitive to manage all of your organization's needs.  We are proud to offer WorldCast CMS and encourage you to see it in action.

But we also challenge you to go one step further.  You have the ability to give your organization a successful future by investing in a system that can help you manage all your content, marketing, automation, and social media in one place.  Consider your Customer Experience Management System ("CEM") choice.

At BP Studios, we have partnered with Kentico to offer a unique product called WorldCast EMS ("Enterprise Marketing Solutions"). What can you do with WorldCast EMS?  Everything.

WorldCast EMS is a fully integrated Customer Experience Management solution.  From one portal, one interface, and one online account your organization can do it all.  WorldCast EMS empowers marketers to deliver and optimize real-time customer centric marketing across multiple channels.  

By investing in this CEM you can do more than you imagined. You can oversee a fully integrated set of online marketing tools right at your fingertips, including:
2. Campaign Management
9. Marketing Automation

To learn more about WorldCast EMS or to get started today, contact us at  We believe that your organization can be bigger, bolder, and better with the support of a Customer Experience Management System.

About the Author
Allison Carter is a Senior Content Strategist with BP Studios.  She loves writing blogs, tweeting, Facebooking (which she still thinks should be a verb), and helping companies get their message out.

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