Assessing Online Growth in 2014

December 17, 2014 by Allison Carter

As a business, you have most likely recognized the value in social media, SEO, blogs, email marketing, and good content creation.  Yet these tactics take time and money and the ROI isn't always easily calculated.

As you look forward to 2015, then, how can you determine where to put your time and money in the new year?

The key is to start by looking backwards...
First, analyze your social media analytics.  Twitter offers their own analytics and Facebook has insights for pages.  Hopefully, too, you set up Google Analytics at the start of the year and can look for social media patterns through your dashboard.  (By the way, all these tools are free!).

When looking at social media analytics, remember that it isn't all about numbers! Sure, more followers are always good in some ways, but as a business you really want to see engagement and impressions.  How many people are seeing your business's posts?  How many people are responding to you?  Those are the numbers that grow a business.

If you aren't seeing engagement and impressions, it is time to reassess your social media campaigns for 2015 and to tighten them up.  (BP Studios can provide social media strategy for your business.)

You can help direct these decisions and strategic tips, too, by getting in to your Google Analytics.  Determine which social media platforms are driving most of your traffic and spend more time on those.  They are already working for you, your audience is already there, so make them work even better!

Second, consider your SEO and page rank.  At BP Studios, we don't value Alexa ratings as much as other places as that is easily manipulated and has some built in fallacies. But we do believe in Google Rankings.  Head to to check your page's rank.  This will display how likely Google is to recommend your page to searchers based on keywords.

If your page rank isn't where you want it to be, concentrate on your SEO in 2015.  Get our help, read our article on basic SEO, and boost this in 2015.

Third, is your email list growing?  Capturing email addresses is like capturing gold for businesses.  If you know someone's email address you can begin coordinated lead generation and email marketing campaign.  You no longer have to wait for your potential customer to come to you: you can go to them!  (Read more about email marketing and lead generation in our articles.)

If you are not organically and steadily increasing your email list, contact us to get tips and to get more out of your content marketing.

But the best way to tell if your online strategy worked for you in 2014 is to ask if your business is growing?  Perhaps that means more customers, more foot traffic, more employees, more net revenue, more product out the door, news coverage....whatever you consider "growth" and whatever goals you set at the beginning of 2014, how close are you to reaching them? 

The odds are you didn't do it alone.  In fact, we're willing to bet that your online strategy and online reach had a lot to do with whether or not you met your business's goals in 2014.

Hopefully you have set your new goals for 2015 and we want to help you reach them in the new year.  Your social media marketing, SEO, and lead generation can do more for your business.  Contact us to get started stronger and better in 2015.

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