Top 5 Questions to Ask A Web Design Firm

April 16, 2014 by Allison Carter

When it comes to deciding who will design (or redesign) your organization's website you need to do some smart research.  There are many companies out there with a lot of talent but finding the right fit for you is more than technical.  Make sure your web design firm meets you on all levels: style, budget, responsiveness, and more.

In fact, here are the top 5 questions to ask a web design firm before you decide to hire them:

1.  What other websites have you designed?

Obviously, you want to see their portfolio and the websites they have done.  Do all their sites look the same?  If you like it and it is what you want, then great.  If you don't like the work they've done in the past then they might not be able to design the site you envision.  We recommend looking for a firm with a diversity of styles and a lot of proven creativity.  Don't pick someone who works in a predetermined mold.

2. What happens if I need to make changes down the road?

Make sure the web design firm you pick is either in it for the long haul so that when, months from completion of the final design you decide to make changes, they are around to help.  Another model you might want to consider, though, is a web design firm that designs a site with fantastic back end usability.  This means that once the website is finished you can easily and effortlessly go in and make the changes you want to the content without affecting the design or having to involve your designer.

3.  Will I have access to the team and the designer leading my project?

Instead of focusing on the size of a web design firm or company look at their customer service.  Your website is a considerably important piece of your company and marketing strategy.  You want to be given unique and personalized service throughout the entire process.  Make sure that you will have direct access to the designer leading your project.

4.  How much do you charge and what does that entail?

Make sure that you know what your dollar buys you with your new design.  Are you getting a new back end system?  Are you getting fresh and new content?  Will your new firm provide logo design work?  Will the new site be responsive and mobile friendly?  What changes that you might request would make the cost go up?  In short, don't just look at the flat number, look at what that number means and what it gives you.  Chances are, if it is really cheap it isn't a thorough design job.  Know what you are getting.

5.  How will your design help me with my business goals?

The best designer can design you his best website but it might not do anything for your business if the design isn't tailored to your business's needs.  For example, if you manage volunteers, then you need special portals for that; if you are showcasing your creative talents,you might want a gallery; if your business sells online products, you need a shopping section easy for customers to use.  Make sure your web designer is on board with your ultimate goals and can deliver a website to help you get there.

If you are interested in the design services that BP Studios offers please visit our Portfolio to view our extensive and diverse projects and email us at to get started today!

By Allison Carter

Allison Carter is a Senior Content Strategist with BP Studios.  She loves writing blogs, tweeting, Facebooking (which she still thinks should be a verb), and helping companies get their message out.

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