Maintenance Tasks You Can Do for Your Website Monthly

May 20, 2014 by Allison Carter

You've designed, you have implemented solid SEO techniques, but your work still doesn't stop there.  Did you know there are tasks you should do each month to keep your site clean and optimized?

First, you want to make sure that your content is fresh.  Review all your static, evergreen content (such as your "About" page) and update all information so that it is accurate.  Of course, the top rule is to always make sure your addresses and contact information reflect any changes. Make sure potential customers can reach you!

But this task also applies to your blog content.  Keep adding fresh content about your products, services, sales, and industry news through your blog.  Look at a few old blog posts each month and make sure they are still relevant and true.

Fresh, accurate content will keep visitors coming back to establish a long term relationship with you.

Second, check for any broken links.  As explained in our SEO implementation top tricks post, broken links hurt in a lot of ways.  The easiest way is to check your site via Google Webmaster Tools.  If anything is not working and sends visitors to an error page, fix it as soon as possible.

Third, change your passwords.  Yes, monthly.  It might seem like a pain but, let's face it, it is more of a pain to be hacked.

Fourth, spend an hour to dive into your analytics.  You should be tracking your website's statistics and visitors through an analytical program like Moz or Google Analytics.  At least once a month (but not necessarily every day), get in to the numbers, take a deep dive, and determine what is working and what isn't. What content are visitors responding to and what content has not gotten the traction you want?  Spend some time reading the messages that your users are sending you through these numbers and adjust your long term strategy accordingly.

Fifth, consider using your website's prime real estate space to promote any specials or events.  For example, if you are overseeing or presenting at an industry conference, take time to add an image or logo to your website.  Then, in accordance with rule one from above, make sure to take it down again when it is no longer relevant.

By spending some time with your website just once a month, you can make it a more powerful and useful tool for your business.

BP Studios would love to help you with your website every month.  Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and to get started!

By Allison Carter

Allison Carter is a Senior Content Strategist with BP Studios.  She loves writing blogs, tweeting, Facebooking (which she still thinks should be a verb), and helping companies get their message out.

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