Does Your Business Need G+?

August 26, 2014 by Allison Carter

Many businesses are wondering: "Do I need Google+ for my business?"

As a relatively quiet social media platform, it is hard to know what to make of Google+, otherwise known as G+.  While engagement isn't as high for businesses on G+ as it is on Instagram, penetration isn't as far-reaching as it can be on Twitter, and it certainly isn't as popular as Facebook, Google+ still matters.  A lot.

The thing that G+ does offer that your business wants is integration and increased organc search hits. 

G+ integrates wonderfully with so many other platforms you are probably already using (or if you aren't, you should be).  Hangouts on Air are a great, easy way not only to have inner-company meetings, especially if there are remote employees, but also a way to broadcast webinars and classes.  The best part?  These HOAs post directly to your YouTube channel simultaneously.

Google+ also integrates with a slew of other applications such as: Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Maps, and communities you can create and control.  All of this is above and beyond your ability to create a business listing and share your blog posts.

And while there isn't any empirical evidence, posting your website's blog posts and updates to G+ can increase your SEO. No one really knows how Google works or what it considers; however, it stands to reason that posting on G+ can increase your visibility. 

Google has made attempts over the past couple of years to promote a variety of content in search results and that includes YouTube posts, posts that have Google Authorship (which can be done via your G+ account as well), and posts that your circled-in friends have shared. 

You can see how you stand to benefit a lot from being circled in to many G+ user's accounts and tackling the many platforms Google, and thereby G+, offers.  It can help you be seen through all the search traffic in a noticeable way.

Also, Google+ is one social media platform where you don't need to commit hours of time to engaging, building, and connecting.  Yes, its performance will be better for you if you do.  But, for now, commit to at least getting started on Google+.  Set up your business's page, at a minimum share your company's blog posts, and start to explore this new space.

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