WorldCast ME

Everyone knows membership has its benefits.

Working with BP Studios provides membership-based organizations and associations the ability to enhance their benefits to their members. BP Studios' very own content management system, WorldCast Me ("Me" stands for membership edition), is a tool built in Kentico and developed specifically for membership-based organizations. BP Studios' goal is to mold strong and lasting relationships between brands and customers, communities and constituents. We know what's important to you – that's the benefit.

Designed and developed in partnership with membership-based organizations and associations.

Retention Visibility
All activities for member companies and contacts are captured and reported, including dues and non-dues revenue generating activities.

We know everyone says that - the difference is we are a company too, we get it. Three words: streamlined, easy to navigate, organized.

Our support staff is also our development staff, enough said.

Everyone has access to the exact same product. And WorldCast Me focuses on making your job easier. Our interface, connectivity and reporting gives you more time to focus on growing your membership.

Everyone gets four hours of customized training, no fine print. Plus, it's our system so of course we can help with any questions.

Under-cover experience
It's the perfect mix of innovation and tradition. We are a marketing company at heart and like to find ways to incorporate that knowledge into everything we do.

See Everything WorldCast Me Has to Offer You:

Members Module

  • Search, edit and organize
  • Public member portal
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Add/remove contacts manually
  • Access to members’ company profile and their employees
  • Membership application form

Events Module
  • Create events
  • Add reminders to Outlook
  • Online registration
  • Send invites
  • Create attendee lists 

Communications Module
  • eNewsletter management
  • Create and save templates
  • Form letters
  • Name badge creator

Project Management Module
  • Project and task scheduling
  • Progress reports
  • Estimate time and deadline
  • Priority details

Ecommerce Module
  • Shopping cart
  • Donations
  • Membership dues
  • Custom payment processors
  • Customer management

Easy-to-use Editing Module

  • Completely integrated
  • Edit content
  • Preview before publishing
  • Organize site structure
  • Save templates
  • Upload images
  • Basic formatting tools
  • Advanced formatting tools
  • Link to other pages, external files or websites

Media Library
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Video/Audio

Workflow Module
  • Monitor modifications
  • Stores changes
  • Notices of approval
  • Lock content for additional editing
  • Content staging

Analytics Module
  • Information about visitors
  • Tracking campaigns
  • Export to excel

SEO and Social Media Marketing

  • SEO implementation and tracking
  • Membership forums/message boards
  • Blogs
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube integration
  • Share events, news, etc.


You pick what you want on your WorldCast Me

We know every membership-based organization is different. Here are a few more tools to choose from: financial management, member polls, image gallery, media library, content rating, geomapping, groups, private messages, wiki-user contributions, online forms, document manager, events calendar, booking system and advertising module.

Let’s develop a great project together!

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